ICT4Handicap uses Aally on its website

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Since this week, ICT4Handicap uses Aally to make its website more usable for people with challenges. ICT4Handicap is a foundation that promotes the accessibility and usability of the internet. The organization also commits itself to emphasize the importance of digital usability for people with challenges. ICT4Handicap carries out for instance user tests for municipal websites.

Shared vision

At the first meeting with board members Pieter Anthonio and Marco Jonkhout it became clear that ICT4Handicap and Visionair share a vision. Both agree on what it takes to make websites truly usable for people with challenges. Edzo Braaksma, CEO of Visionair: “If you have made a website technically accessible according to the guidelines, it does not automatically mean that people with challenges can properly use this website. Many companies think they are ready when their website meets the accessibility guidelines but are shocked when they do a user test.”

Pieter Anthonio, chairman of the board of ICT4Handicap, agrees: “The focus should not be primarily on making a website technically accessible. The starting point for a solution should be the end user. As a result, everyone should be able to use your website in an equal way. Moreover, there is even legislation that supports this!”

ICT4Handicap uses Aally on its website

We developed Aally from the perspective of the user. Edzo: “In the Netherlands, 4.5 million people struggle to read, understand and use websites. It can’t be true that these people depend on expensive tools to use your website! With Aally you integrate supporting tools into your site. After that, anyone who needs it can use the website in the way that suits best. In addition, Aally can help an organization to continuously improve its website. We are therefore very pleased with ICT4Handicap’s decision to start using Aally for its website. ”

For questions to Pieter Anthonio: [email protected]
For questions to Edzo Braaksma: https://aally.app/en/contact/