Do you need help making your website accessible and usable? We can help you!

grafische weergave van mensen die blij worden van Aally
grafische weergave van mensen die blij worden van Aally

Aally specializes in making websites accessible and usable for people with challenges. There are 4.5 million people in The Netherlands with difficulties in reading and using websites. That is 25% of the total population. Full-fletched web accessibility means that people with challenges are able to read, understand, use, navigate and interact with information on websites.

What makes Aally unique compared to many other accessibility specialists is that we actually offer a solution. We give advice on how a website should be adapted to make it technically accessible, but we also offer help to get it done and keep it going. Our unique widget also ensures that you offer your visitor all the necessary tools to use your website properly!

Aally offers organizations everything they need to make their sites better readable, understandable and usable!

Scans and Audits
We can perform scans on pages of your website and perform an automatic or manual audit.

Accessibility advice
Based on the scans and audits performed, we give advice containing the proposed accessibility improvements for your website.

Plan for implementation of improvements
Based on our advice with suggested improvements, we make a plan for the implementation of the improvements together with you.

Help with accessibility statement
If necessary, we will help you write and publish a statement explaining what you will do to make your website accessible.

Implementation of the improvements
We can implement the recommended improvements to your website for you. This varies per website, but we can, for example, help programming technical improvements, offer help with audio or video scripting or make documents accessible.

Monitoring your website for accessibility
The Aally widget has a unique management module with which pages are continuously monitored and so you know which adjustments are needed with every change in the website.

Tools for users in your website
With the unique Aally widget you implement all the tools for the user that are necessary to be able to use a website properly in the website itself. This varies from different contrasts to pronounced text or more legible fonts for dyslexics.

Blind man listening to his smartphone at a bus station

Advantages to using Aally

  • Increased reach among users with a challenge
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Contribution to an inclusive society
  • Reduction of implementation and operational costs
  • Step closer to legal guidelines (WCAG)