September 23, 2020, all Dutch government sites need to be be digitally accessible. And in your country?


4.5 million people in The Netherlands do not fully participate online. That is 25% of the population. It is difficult for them to read and use websites. Full-fletched web accessibility means that people with a challenge should be able to read content on websites, understand it and use it the way they like. They should be able to navigate with the content and to communicate about it.

Making your website accessible also implies that you reconsider your page design and structure, because it doesn’t stop by only making your content accessible. Web accessibility should primarily focus on creating value for everybody, with or without a challenge.

Aally empowers you to make your website more accessible for all!

One solution

Aally combines all needs in a single solution. We offer magnification, font-types, color contrasts, guideline, keyboard access, language, speech speed and text-to-speech.


Aally simplifies websites. We prioritize content and the user determines what kind of help is needed.


Aally works independently from used techniques and CMS. We can start immediately with implementing the solution without other resources.

Blind man listening to his smartphone at a bus station

More advantages to using Aally

  • Increased reach among users with a challenge
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Contribution to an inclusive society
  • Reduction of implementation and operational costs
  • Step closer to legal guidelines (WCAG)