Make your website comply with the accessibility guidelines!

In the Netherlands, 4.5 million people have problems reading, understanding and using websites. Many government websites are not yet accessible to people with challenges. The deadline for government organization to start arranging something to make its website accessible is approaching quickly. We can help you to meet the deadline.

If your website is not accessible yet, we can help you!

Dutch government organizations’ websites must be digitally accessible to everyone, regardless of challenge. This means that these websites will have to comply with the guidelines of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) or at least publish a statement that descibes how to get there. If you do not know how to make your website accessible, Aally can help you out.

We know it: accessibility is quite a challenge

Does making your website accessible look like a big challenge to you? Then you might recognize yourself in one of these statements:

  • “It needs a huge effort to make our website more accessible. Where do I begin to get off to a good start? ”
  • “The whole process takes a lot of time. We don’t have that time at the moment. ”
  • “We can never really do it right: a solution for one group makes it more difficult for the other.”
  • “As soon as we change something on the website, we have to rethink accessibility. It seems to be a never-ending story.”

We can help your organization meet the accessibility requirements in a number of steps:

  • We do an audit on the website of your organization
  • As a result, we will discuss with you where improvements to the website are needed
  • Then we make a plan for the implementation of these improvements
  • And we can help produce an accessibility statement
  • If your website is accessible, we can also make it user-friendly!

Depending on what is needed, this process will take several weeks.

Be sure you also comply with the guidelines!

Perhaps not all of the steps above are necessary for your organization. In any case, make sure you have a plan how to comply with the guidelines. And since you need to be aware of the fact that this process could take a few weeks, it is recommended to start as soon as possible. We would like to help you to see what we can do to make your organization’s website meet the guidelines of digital accessibility.

Do you need help to make your website accessible according to the guidelines? Then contact us now!

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