The Aally widget shows your website in an alternative, simpler way, which is much more predictable for your visitor. A visitor can start the widget via a button in your website and there will find all the necessary tools to better use your site.

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Aally currently works on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox (latter is English voices only)

The Aally widget empowers you to make your website more usable for everyone!

One solution
The Aally widget combines all necessary tools in single solution. It offers magnification, font-types, color contrasts, guideline, keyboard access, language, speech speed and text-to-speech.

Better usable
The Aally widget simplifies the use of your website. It can prioritize content and your visitor decides which tools he or she needs to make your site better usable.

The Aally widget works independently of used the technology and CMS. As a result, implementation can start without lead time and effort from your IT department.

The Aally widget offers the following tools

Read aloud
The content on your website will be read aloud to your visitor. He or she can choose prefered language, voice or read speed.

Your website visitor can adapt text to his or her preferences. He or she can select individual font type or size. Dyslectics can for example change the text into the Open Dyslectic Font.

Contrast contributes to legibility. Visitors to your website can adjust color palette, color intensity and contrast between fore and background to their own preferences.

Your website visitor can highlight specific parts of the text. A highlighted character, word, line or paragraph will be read aloud.

A guideline is a navigational aid for your challenged visitor to not loose the reading line.