Long read about testing your website on Frankwatching

close-up of somebody using a keyboard

We mentioned earlier that we started publishing articles via Frankwatching since October. Frankwatching is the largest online marketing platform in the Netherlands. We debuted with an article on low vision and how partially sighted people see your website. Today Leon Op de Beek and Ivar Illing publish a second post via the platform. And this time we produced a long read: Test whether your website is accessible in 5 steps!

In the long read we describe five simple tests for your website, based on posts that we previously published on our Aally blog. These tests will give you an immediate first impression of how your website is doing in terms of accessibility. The articles about color and contrast, enlarge font size, keyboard navigation, automatic testing and testing with screen readers are therefore conveniently packed into one long article!

We will also soon publish a new post on Frankwatching about making documents accessible.